What is TCS?

My name is Johan Colle. I am photographer and owner of The Creative Souls.
You can see my work in the portfolio which is regularly updated with new material.
I chose the name Creative Souls (plural form) because I also work together with others to deliver a high-quality creative result.
At The Creative Souls a wide variety of photography is possible as well as optional Finishing and or retouching. Finishing and retouching is done professionally by Philip from Phil's Design.
Philip is Illustrator, Animator and Graphic Designer with over 10 years experience in various multinational companies. Types of photography possible at The Creative Souls are: Portrait (both on location (indoors / outdoors) and in the studio, Model Shoots, Events (artists, performers, festivals, theater, concerts & events), Black and White , Glamour, Artistic and Tattoo photography.
TCS can also make photos for profile pictures on social media and interior photographs for example for Real Estate or small companies. Each task is a new challenge and bring new ideas. Standing still is something that does not suit me. I count attractive rates and do everything to carry out tasks professionally and quickly.

Why choose for TCS?

- Works fast
- Treating customers as a valuable human
- Looks at the man or woman with the small (er) purse.
- Thinks with the customer.
- Is attractively priced.
- Indicates the in between status.
- Looking for the best solutions
- Like to keep customers satisfied

Sorts Photography?

-Portrait Photography
-Modelshoots & Art
-Performances, Festivals and Theaters; (Event Photography)
-Black & White Photography
-Art Photography
-Glamour Photography
-Tattoo Photography
-Web Photography, Social Media, etc.

TCS About Creative Study Experience

- I learned the art of Photography in the analogue way :
- MBO Education Photography in the Hague; my first awakened interest in Photography
- Basic training -Course Photography (Black & White developing and printing)
- Vakopleiding Photography
- Orientation Course Art Academy The Hague
- Digital Imaging at Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam
- "Digital Photography" 2016: study Freelance Photographer

TCS About Creative Vision

With photos, you can create a world, an illusion sometimes from scratch, even more beautiful than reality. A shadow may suddenly contain countless beautiful forms. A picture can speak. Dark can be light and vice versa, so you can affect the atmosphere. A picture let you stay young / or capturing "the other you" that you want to be. With a picture you can create a confusion in time, "discover" and/or capturing beauty. In short, a photograph always tells me a story. That story I want to tell can be told through the eye of the camera.

TCS About Creative Future

accept all challenges, making use of the countless possibilities in the digital world of Photography ...by mostly only using the camera, so in fact….. the Analogue way…


Photography has been a passion since childhood and a hobby of mine. First analog `snapshots` and gradually more and more engrossed in the fascinating tangent technique stuck behind.
So I started in 1990 with the training Basic Course Analogue Photography in The Hague, specializing in developing and printing black and white photographs and started in 1991 with the Vakopleiding Photography at the LOI, Leiden ( in that period analogue). This was the only way to do such training, in addition to my daily job as Webdesigner at then called Ticketservice.
In 1997-1998 I started with digital image processing at the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam. Photography sadly faded into the background and since Webdesigning was gradually emerging, I got into webdesigning. Worked as a parttime webdesigner and later on Webmaster at Ticketmaster Netherlands. Anyway, blood is thicker than water so in 2016 it tickled so much that I was determined to pick up the thread of Photography again, but this time in the whole new and Wonderful field of Digital Photography.


Portrait Photography: € 80, -
Duration about 1 hour. Afterwards You receive all photographs via WeTransfer.

Single Studio Shoot (Studio Shoot for 1 person): Glamour, Model Shoot, and Artistic Tattoo: € 120, -
Duration about 2 hours. Afterwards You receive all photographs via WeTransfer. A Half hour extra costs € 30, -

Duo Studio Shoot (Studio Shoot for two people): Glamour, Model Shoot, and Artistic Tattoo: € 220, -
Duration about 2 hours. Afterwards You receive all photographs via WeTransfer. Half an hour extra costs € 30, -

Assignments on location (excluding travel expenses): € 50, - per hour
Optional costs: Finishing / Retouching/Image processing € 20, - per photograph

Mentioned prices are all-inclusive prices for photo shoots during the day between 11:00 and 16:00. In the evening between 19:00 and 21:00 photo shoots are also possible at nightly rate of 10% on the prices mentioned above.


TheCreativeSouls TCS
Photographer Johan Colle
Phone: +31 06 16 494967
Chamber of Commerce number 53005066